About Kassidy Grace

Kassidy Grace Wells is the daughter of Marianne and Jeff Cunningham from Wellsburg, WV and the granddaughter of James and Mary Jean Bonar, also from Wellsburg. Kassidy is finishing up her undergraduate degree in Vocal Performance from West Liberty University. Singing is her passion and she wants to become an opera singer and classical music jack of all trades. 

"I could not feel more honored and blessed by God to have found the love of my life in Luke. His caring heart, loving personality and passion for everything that I am makes him one in seven billion. I cannot wait for our special day so that I may take his name and spend the rest of my life at his side."

About Luke Linus Matthew Wenceslas

Luke Linus Matthew Wenceslas Mayernik is the son of Cynthia Alvey of Monongahela, PA and of Linus Mayernik of Washington, PA. Luke is the Director of Music and Organist for St. Anne Parish in Castle Shannon, Pittsburgh, PA. Luke is an internationally acclaimed composer and organ improviser. He has won international competitions in both fields, and has many works published by Oregon Catholic Press and GIA, among others.

"Kassidy is the love of my life. She is the breath of my lungs, my life's blood, and she is the music in my heart. I am honored to call Kassidy friend, lover, and eternal companion."

How We Met

Luke and Kassidy started a friendship when she became a member of the chamber ensemble OvreArts, of which he was co-founder and resident composer. They got to know each other, became confidants, and fell in love. A memorable summer of laughter, music making, spending time with family, and cherishing every second together sealed the deal. Every moment they spend together is such a blessing, and they were so excited to get engaged and start their lives together! 

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